D3 Semiconductor Ecosystem                   

D3 has assembled a powerhouse of talent within its group. We have the best people and companies working to ensure our vision of high performance power solutions becomes a reality for our customers.     


D3 Semiconductor Asia (D3 Asia) is a majority owned subsidiary of D3 Semiconductor headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  D3 Asia leads our sales and regional marketing effort for the fast growing power semiconductor market in Asia.  



Terigo Semconductor, LLC is a partner with D3 Semiconductor specializing in precision mixed signal devices for power conversion and motor control.  Terigo is quietly working to change the way motor controls are implemented in the future.

Theta Power Systems is a Brazilian company highly focused on motor control system efficiency.  Theta is revolutionizing the way motor controls are designed for all power levels by extracting every point of efficiency possible.  Together with D3 Semiconductor and Terigo, Theta is defining the next generation of efficient motor controls.



Bob Houf - Technology Strategist

Bob possesses 35+ years electronics engineering design and general management of new product development in global enterprises (NA, SA, EMEA, ASIA).  He has held executive engineering and marketing roles in three Fortune 500 companies in electronics NPD (Rockwell Intl, Motorola/ON Semiconductor, Whirlpool) covering real-time controls, semiconductors and factory automation.  Bob is an experienced and effective leader with ability to communicate and present electronics strategy and implementation to C-level and BOD corporate audiences.
Bob's expertise in electronics strategy - concept ID - prototype - serial production and related project management in to production and product line maintenance are a real asset to D3.
He has 6+ years director-level product marketing roles (strategic, tactical, technical and communications) along with corporate acquisition, spin-off and mature electronics operations in multiple industries.  Bob helped lead the transition of company culture, sales, marketing, manufacturing, quality and procurement from traditional electro-mechanical to electronics-based control development (Rockwell Automation and Whirlpool).
Bob possesses a BSEE from The Ohio State University.





Heptig Law Group
Pat Heptig



Mr. Heptig specializes in intellectual property law with an emphasis in patent, copyright, trademark and unfair competition litigation. He has been litigation counsel in patent infringement cases involving video game technology, cellular telephone technology, telecommunications circuits, medical devices, selective laser sintering materials, dental materials and instruments, exercise devices and oil well drilling technology. Mr. Heptig has also handled litigation matters involving trademark infringement, right of publicity, copyright infringement, unfair competition and theft of trade secrets. He has extensive experience in federal courts and agencies throughout the United States. Mr. Heptig is involved in other intellectual property non-litigation mattes such as patent and trademark prosecution, technology licensing and other transactional matters, and counseling clients on intellectual property matters.

Mr. Heptig also has over ten years of industry experience in computer system design, computer software development, and the design and manufacture of semiconductor integrated circuits, such as microprocessors and memory devices. Mr. Heptig has also developed and founded companies specializing in computer security products, data encryption technology and intellectual property portfolio management.

Pat holds a J.D., with honors from the Columbia University School of Law and a BSEE, magna cum laude, from Texas A&M University.

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