D3 Semi's +FET Product Lineup

D3 Semi's initial product lineup provides extensive coverage for all power levels with Rds-On values ranging from 32mΩ to 1000mΩ.
Please click on the part number to visit the product page for each device.  Data sheets and other resources are available on each page.


D3 Semi
Device Type
Thru-Hole Surface Mount Advanced Surface Mount Availability
TO-220 &
TO-247 TO-263
5 x 6 8 x 8
D3S070N65 70 * *(1) *   *(1) Q4-17
D3S099N65 99 * *(1) *   *(1)
D3S0190N65 190 *   *   * Q4-17
D3S0280N65 280 *   * *(1)
D3S0380N65 380 *   * *(1)

(1) Packages available Q4-2018

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