D3 Company DNA                                                     

We launched D3 with the vision of elevating customer systems to new levels of efficiency by infusing mixed signal technology with power semiconductors to re-wire the DNA of these systems.
Starting with a blank slate, we configured our technology to be flexible and scalable.  This architecture leaves us free to explore solutions that large players will not address and smaller players cannot.  Our goal is to enable competitiveness.....  Plain and simple.

Additionally, we have extended this thinking into our company culture.  We assemble the best and brightest minds that are prepared to solve challenging problems using a broad experience base.

The company was officially formed in late 2011 with full funding achieved in January of 2013.  In the ensuing years, we have built a world class Super Junction power MOSFET, established our supply chains, performed reliability testing and are now launching into the market.  We have a very compelling technology roadmap for Super Junction and other technologies such as gate drivers and controllers.  As we grow, we will layer new technologies into our portfolio.


In addition to technology scaling, we also scale our company in innovative ways.  We have built a solid ecosystem to address all aspects of power conversion and motor control applications.  Together with companies like Terigo and Theta Power Systems, we can quickly construct solutions to help customers reach new levels of efficiency, integration and performance.

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